Evangelicalism and Those Pesky Cretans…I Mean Creeds

“Cretans are always liars, evil beasts…” Or so was the sentiment of Paul in his letter to Titus.

If one substitutes the word “creeds” for the word Cretans”, she would have a most succinct summary of many evangelicals views of the documents our fathers held so dear.  If you share this view of those documents that have stood the test of time, I suggest that you at least pick up a copy of this new book to see if your aversion to these documents has more to do with our cultural moment than it does with what sola scriptura actually means.

N.B. I apologize for the recent lack of activity on this blog, I am currently working my way through a new biography of the Herr Doktor Brevard Childs, and hope to have a brief review posted in the coming weeks.

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