Vanity of Vanities all is Vanity

Now that the intellectual rush that is Westminster Seminary has fallen by the wayside, I thought I might address an issue that most faculty would not have addressed even if they were offered Gospel Coalition-type money for doing so.  I was making my semi-regular perusal of newspaper websites when I came across this surprising piece of feminist sanctimony.

My first response was to marvel that a newspaper of a sizable city would publish an article about the issue of modesty.  This is after all the twenty-first century when we have moved beyond those pretentious days when someone might tell us how to dress.  Doesn’t that kind of thing belong in the world where Jerry Mathers is an 8-year old kid and the most memorable jingle on the tube is the whistling of Andy Griffith?  Perhaps there is hope for this world after all.  By most accounts a secular newspaper discussing an issue that not even evangelical pastors have the fortitude to address is a win for the Right team.  Or is it?

After overcoming my initial shock I found myself struggling to hold back another thought.  What if ‘conservative evangelicals’ have become so eager to have modestly dressed women who submit to their man in all things that the enemy of their enemy becomes a friend?  Unfortunately, this sometimes happens on topics like homosexual rights, abortion, and that strangely conservative evangelical issue of second amendment rights.  Bigots, sexists, and gangsters all become political bedfellows in the crusade for a “Christianized” America!  (John 19:12-16)

The Church needs to speak as an institution and an organization that is above the modern mechanisms of shaping consensus and move beyond Transformationalists’ visions of grandeur.  The Church is meant to be a humble people which lets go of societal power and proclaims the news of a King who lived as a Jewish peasant and died as an enemy of the state.  Our job is not to have Christian vocations, our job is to make disciples of all nations and teaching them to observe all that Jesus Christ has commanded (which as far as I know did not contain instructions for making distinctively Christian textiles).  Otherwise, the vanity of Kim Kardashian equals the vanity of Hilary Clinton equals the vanity of the Religious Right and we are all just thirteen-year-old girls trying to change the world someday.

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