Time is money, so spend wisely!

I have been silently listening in on the social buzz created by a certain young women formerly known for her work as a twelve-year old actor.  (The intentional vagueness of that sentence will become clear in a moment).  The evangelical chatterrati have made their appropriate comments about the character of the young women who created this buzz by breaking into the stripper game at a major music award event (and the underlying culture that supports even promotes her behavior).  But we have to ask ourselves, “Don’t all of our comments and many of our common-place objections to this sort of thing inadvertently draw attention to it and thus promote it?”

If your wondering why I am speaking in such vague terms about this event, it is because of the way that media outlets and advertisers use social media like blogs, Facebook,  Twitter, and other sites as data collecting resource.  The Onion, as is usually the case, uses satire to make an important point about the way social media function and are manipulated by advertisers (check it out–here–warning profanity alert).

The man behind the curtain knows how much Christians desire to be relevant and how much we thirst to keep pace with the 24-hour media cycle.   Our failure to comprehend how social media and overall internet usage are monitored and used by the man behind the curtain leads us to become the biggest promoters of the things we oppose.  When you click on a link to the video of this young women or even mention her name on your choice social media outlet you are giving websites reasons to give that material a more prominent place.  We can complain all we want about the things the market provides, but as long as their is a market their will be people seeking to provide that service.  As long as we are willing to give our time to viewing and then denouncing elicit material, we are perpetuating the market for our time.  We are not helpless before media outlets.  We can simply choose not to invest our clicks and our time in their market places.

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