The Death of Death and the Walking (no longer) Dead


Get up and walk!–You were dead…but God made you alive together with Christ. (Eph 2:1, 4)

This past week a number of resources have colluded to press on my heart and mind what it means for us to walk out the Christian life. For the next five months I will be preaching through the book of Ephesians for the students at my church.  The first sermon in the series is on Eph 2:1-10.  The passage argues (among other things) that our new life and empowerment is for the purpose of walking in the good works that God prepared for us beforehand.  This walking out is the interpretation of what Paul means when he says that “he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus,” and “so that no one can boast.”  It is the walking out of the good works that is the great evidence of God’s wealth of kindness.  Paul applies this to the racial and religious alienation between Jews and Gentiles during his own time, but it has application to all sorts of struggles. So do you want to be a demonstration of the kindness of God around you? Walk in the good works God has prepared for you.

You might cringe at that call.  You might sink in your soul because you feel powerless to break your addiction to pornography, sexual fantasy, money, power, or gossip.  Take heart Christian! There is help for the weak and weary.

John Owen

John Owen is one of the most rigorous and precise thinkers in Protestant thinking.  But more than a brain, he was a man who desired to obliterate his sinfulness.  Many Christians will never read his Mortification of Sin or The Death of Death because his prose is so dense.  But even if you never read him, you should check out these lectures by Carl Trueman which summarize the relevance of Owen for your Christian life.

So take a listen, and keep getting up, and keep walking!

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