He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands


You can trust the goodness and power of God.

There are some helpful thoughts on the justice of God in condemning those who have never heard the gospel here.

This issue has become a more pressing one for me over the past year.  Having our first child has made me appreciate in an acute way the pain felt by those who have experienced a miscarriage, abortion, or the loss of young child(ren).

The issue of God’s justice is never more pressing for us than when the thought of infants enters our mind.  “They have not heard the gospel, nor had the chance or ability to accept it through faith. What will you do with them?”

This is the cry of so many parents who have not embraced the Christian faith.  One can’t help but sympathize with their pain.

I have recently come around to covenantal paedo-baptist convictions, and the promises that Christ has made to me and my household are indeed a great comfort. Yet time and time again I go back to one thing that is a comfort that I will not be turned away on the last day for my many sins and a comfort that my child will not be unjustly turned away from God.

Westminster Shorter Catechism Q. 4 says that “God is… justice and goodness.”  The only undeniable comfort we come back to is the character of God, which is chiefly manifested in Christ.  We entrust ourselves and our babes to the competent care of the Great Physician.  For to whom else shall we go.

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